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Pirelli 195/50VR15 P6000

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In Powergy there is íñ P6000? , the great founding father of modernnhigh performance Pirellis. Launched in 1995, P6000 had immediatelynan exceptional success: 20 million units have been sold, the tyrenhas been homologated for 150 different car models across the worldnand it is the technological point of reference for the entire motornindustry and replacement market. As a result of the success ofnP6000, Pirelli increased its H/V/Z category tyre sales by 35% innthe four years between 1994 and 1998.nPowergy will not take the place of P6000: it comes in addition tonthe P6000, an evolution of its illustrious parent, a completely newnproduct -with a new sidewall design- which clearly shows the newntyreí´s orientation towards different performance areas compared tonP6000.íñ Poweríñ is part of the new tyreí´s name because the most importantnaspect of a Pirelli tyre is the enjoyment it provides whenncontrolling a carí´s power output. Powergy is the latest example ofna tradition born in the Seventies with P6, followed in the Eightiesnby P600 and then P6000 in 1995. The new tyre confirms thenperformance platform established during the years of the íñ law ofnthe 6? : grip, sports handling, stability, precision resistance tonstress continue to be the family characteristics of P6000 Powergy.

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